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Summer holds a special place in my heart and as the sweltering heat creeps in, my excitement for outdoor fun starts to build.┬áLast summer was my first time attending the Ohio State Fair and it was definitely a unique experience. I met Blair for her senior session and we had quite an interesting time trying to navigate the gorgeous colored backdrops with the masses of people staring and walking in between us as we were shooting. We found pockets of great locations where it “appeared” we had the fair all to ourselves. It was perfect! By the end of the evening this beauty had guys trying to kick game to her and ladies coming up to her asking if she was a model wanting a picture with her. I had an absolute blast and am looking forward to more unique senior sessions like this while the days are hot and the nights are comfortably warm.

Some advice for photographers: Interested in photographing a session at the fair? Not sure of all the ins and outs? Well I leave you with my experience and you do what you will with the info. Last year, I heard from others that security asked some photographers to leave throughout the week as well as vendors asking them to leave the areas where they were selling. I had no issue whatsoever with security or vendors, in fact, they were all super friendly and the police officers almost “protected” us as we were photographing. I think the reason photographers were asked to leave had a lot more to do with timing than anything else. I went on the very last day in the evening around 6pm. I’m pretty sure at this point that most of the vendors and security were just done. I also believe that there was probably a lot less people on that day. I tried to stay mindful of others around us as to not impede on their own experience so I made sure that all of the locations we photographed at were off to the side and out of the way of foot traffic. My advice to you when planning your session is to just be mindful of the day, time of day and when you’re there that you aren’t in anyone’s way. Also travel light, I just had my camera on me and my two lens that I switched back and forth from and most importantly, don’t show up there everyday with a new client, that is a sure way of getting yourself kicked out! Hopefully this little insight will help you when planning your sessions.

Make sure to scroll through Blair’s beautiful and most definitely colorful session below, you won’t be disappointed! xo, Jessy

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