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Hey GUYS!! I hope you all had an incredible weekend! The weather has been fantastic and this Fall has yet to disappoint… Below we photographed this shoot back in the late summer promoting the opening of the Big Room Bar at CD1025 Alternative Rock Station. We highlighted Thread Boutique off of Grandview Ave and Dublin Rd and all of their latest Fall Fashion Trends. Check it out below it was super fun to work with such creative people. Thank you Ellin for taking the reins and make this shoot come alive! You have a gift girl! xo, Jessy

I had the pleasure of photographing Emily Brunotte of Champagne in the Rain for Rowe’s Street Style Love Song Fashion Show. We photographed down town in the short north district on a busy Gallery Hop saturday evening

So many of us become victim to the unofficial script that is written for our lives to go to college, find a good job and a mate (that we can stand), buy a house, buy all the crap that goes into the house and then have kids because all of our friends are having kids… And that’s cool if that’s what you want out of life but what if there is oh so much more than just that?