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I had the pleasure of photographing Emily Brunotte of Champagne in the Rain for Rowe’s Street Style Love Song Fashion Show. We photographed down town in the short north district on a busy Gallery Hop saturday evening

So many of us become victim to the unofficial script that is written for our lives to go to college, find a good job and a mate (that we can stand), buy a house, buy all the crap that goes into the house and then have kids because all of our friends are having kids… And that’s cool if that’s what you want out of life but what if there is oh so much more than just that?

Kasey and Berry are your dream clients. Ya know the kind that trust your vision and with careful collaboration let you do what you do best, take epic photographs of love.

  • Jess - Absolutely gorgeous! And your little blurb about Kasey and Berry was so sweet! Love this! <3


  • Jess - Will you be posting their wedding and post wedding pictures as well??


    • Jessy Howard - Hey Jess! Yes, they are in the queue to be published within the next few weeks!


 I dare say that having your first child is one of the bravest, most profound decisions a couple could ever make together. You are making the claim, the vow, the promise to nurture, rear and train to the best of your ability the most precious gift you will ever be bestowed.

Autumn feels like it’s here but wedding season is still in full swing for at least another 6-8 weeks. Once the cooler crisp temperatures start to creep into our daily routines it is inevitable you’ll find us in line at Starbucks waiting impatiently for our pumpkin hot chocolate (yes it is a thing) and switching out our breezy sundresses for cozy long sleeved, mid length, a-line skirts and dresses.